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Fiscal Madness on the Horizon

Fiscal Madness on the Horizon

September 07, 2023


     For those who know me well, Today I am going to talk about one of my favorite topics.  Fiscal Responsibility: Work hard, Pay your bills, Don't spend more than you can reasonably afford, Save as much as possible, Invest, and be Charitable.

Recently, I was reading an email post by one of my favorite Economist, Brian Wesbury.  I have followed him for many years and Read his Weekly,- "Monday Morning Outlook."  This weeks "Outlook" is Titled "Fiscal Madness".  I am attaching the link to it so you may read it also.

The alarm that it triggers in my "Fiscal Responsibility" mindset is disturbing.  I have believed that we can Work our way out of the current budget explosions and bring some degree of governance to our national budget dilemma.  I believe we can Save and Invest for our future.  The "Pay your bills" and "Don't spend more than you can reasonably afford"  is the most disconcerting to me about our future and our future ability to work, save, invest, and be Charitable.

Government Spending is out of whack.  The budget numbers are massaged and manipulated to fit an agenda and purpose that take control of our personal budget and put it in the hands of people who it seems the only purpose is to find ways to spend what is budgeted, what we save, and what we invest.  Spending on items, issues, and endeavors that are important to them.  To maintaining power over the future.  I am not talking about Democrats, Republicans, or Libertarians'.  I am talking about them  all.  Perhaps it is time to go back to where being a Public Servant or being in "public office" not be a career path, or profession, but a giving back for all the opportunities that this great nation has afforded.  

People that need our Government to take care of them may just be seeking someone to take care of them.  That used to be Individuals, Families, Charities, and Religious organizations.  Often with conditions, of self improvement, self help, and repayment in kind, charitable works and/or  "Paying it forward".

    I don't know who will help us solve the issues facing us today,  but I do believe that the deficit spending and the lack of fiscal responsibility will not make it an easy journey.  Tough times are ahead on the horizon.  We will endeavor to help people navigate through these challenges.  To enable people to continue to work, save, and invest.  Its not easy but we can work together, and I believe it will get better.

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