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Let's Go Blues

Let's Go Blues

June 13, 2019

Congratulations to the city of St. Louis and the St. Louis Blues!  

I couldn't be more excited about our St. Louis Blues winning the Stanley Cup last night!  What a historical moment the we were able to witness!  As Facebook went crazy with pictures, videos and memes it has been fun to see the different ways people are celebrating.  My friends at the Northwest Communities Chamber of Commerce put together a nice little summary that I wanted to share:

  • NO city anywhere at anytime has opened their stadium up for 18900 fans to watch tv for two series and sold out in 22 minutes.
  • NO city has had 50-70k fans in the streets watching tv with another 19k in the building.
  • NO city has ever had the other major sport franchise open their stadium to watch live tv.
  • Grants Farm even opened at night for the city's sports fans to watch.
  • NO hockey team has ever gone from dead last to the last game of the Stanley Cup Finals!
  • Win or Lose NO city comes together like this City!!!!

Thank you Blues for a great season and for giving us memories to last a lifetime!!!

Play Gloria!!!!

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