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November Elections

October 26, 2022

In a little over a week is the 2022 elections for who will control the House of Representatives and the Senate for the next 2 years until the 2024 Presidential election.  Since the 2020 elections the Executive branch of the government has been controlled by a single party.  Throughout recent history that appears to be the the worst outcome for the Markets and national economics.  When a single party is in control it seems that the national economy and the markets suffer as a result.  

Other factors include, Interest rates on the rise, consumer staples and goods, including gas and heating oil, have become more expensive, housing prices are up, and overall inflation is up significantly.  Those are some of the issues and the challenges.   In addition Crime is on the increase, saving rates are down, education rates are declining, confidence in our government is also on the decline.

On a positive note, unemployment is still significantly low.  Incomes are increasing with the number of people in the workforce achieving some of the highest numbers in history.  Social issues are at the forefront of may peoples conversations.

What does all this mean?  It means; Get out and Vote!.   Make your voice/Vote count and be heard.   

Some will vote along their personal Party Lines.  Democrat or Republican.  They vote the Party line, regardless of the Issues.   Others vote their own single most important issue regardless of what other issues are being decided. Catch phrase words we hear are: Conservative, Liberal, Progressive, Moderate, and many more descriptives.  

My single most ardent belief is to:  Make your voice count. Vote!  I would prefer if you voted exactly as I do.  That your voice is added to mine and we made all the right choices for what we believe is for the greater good of every person and citizen.  If your choice differs from mine.  That's OK.  as long as you voted and made your voice heard.  If you don't vote,  I don't want to hear your opinion.  It doesn't count.  Your voice is more silent than a whisper.  

  Vote early, vote absentee, vote at the polls.  Please vote Tuesday November 8th.