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Quote for the Week,

November 08, 2019

The Presidential Elections are a year away.

Advertising and the political debates as described by Wikipedia:  "In politics, campaign advertising is the use of an advertising campaign  through the media to influence a political debate, and ultimately, voters. These ads are designed by political consultants and political campaign staff."

According to a Forbes report: "Most of the ad purchases will go to broadcast ($3.5 billion) and cable networks ($1.1 billion). Digital ad purchases will top $1.7 billion, with the majority ($706 billion) going to display advertising, followed by $373 billion for online video, $362 billion on email ads and $353 billion for online search. Candidates will spend more than $625 million on newspapers and magazines and $689 million on radio ads. Keep in mind that Facebook and Google are getting the vast majority of digital advertising spending.

Maybe we should just shut off the TV and the video games and go have a conversation with a neighbor.  Get rid of all political advertising on all media for their profit.  Candidates should come and talk to us.  Do more town Halls, Debates in Stadiums.  All Coverage equal and free.  Take the profit out of it for the "info-tainment" industry for political advertising.  Every Year we hear about how expensive each election cost, and how much PAC's pay to get their viewpoint or agenda broadcast, but, who is making the profit on all this advertising money spent?  The bottom line on the advertising message is the profit of NBC, ABC, CBS, TBS, CNN, TBN, ESPN, BET, OWN,  WGN, WSJ, USA Today, NYT, LA Time, Tribune,  etc. etc. etc.  The moderators of the Televised debates are the same "news readers" who we see telling us what the person is or was saying.  They ask the questions that they say is based on their survey information that are the questions we want answers too.( Wow, No opportunity for personal bias there?) Our founding fathers were very insightful in their establishment of this form of government of the people, by the people, and for the people.  They had newspapers and political strategist but what they did not have is a 24 hour news cycle for profit, Radio, The Internet, Facebook, Google, Instagram, etc.. 

The political debates and opinions on issues facing voters on subjects such as Refugees, Immigration, Gun control, Equal Rights, Human Rights, Healthcare, Global warming, The environment,  War, Religion, Gun control, Education, The Economy. Taxes, and then subsets of each of those topics and more.  It gets exhausting and frustrating for some to determine which issue is most relevant to living an acceptable life in the opinion of the mass media.  Media Focus determines what is controversial.  Behavior, and things that were not an unforgivable issue 20, 30, or 40 years ago, is now portrayed as insurmountable character flaws that should never be forgivable. However someone who commits a heinous crime years ago can be rehabilitated and returned to the community.  Phrases or language expressions that were common years ago are now the nails to impute the character of  an individual.  The evolution and maturing of an individual is not  sufficient to excuse something said, and recorded, years ago that the same person would not utter today for the sensitivity of another individual.  It depends on the focus or viewpoint of the media personality presenting the information and the media consultants bias.

This applies to all persuasions, Liberal or conservative. Democrat, Republican, or Socialist.  Wealthy, middle class, or Poor, Advantaged or Disadvantaged, able or disabled, man or woman, or is that Male or Female, or whatever would be expressed as a gender neutral noun.  The family dynamic of many families is much like mine. Different genders, nationalities, races, religions, political affiliations. economic status, future aspirations, marriages, divorces, living arrangements, children, friends, and histories.  At any given time, on any day there is love and forgiveness, anger, yelling, compassion, disagreement.  We are the living,breathing, evolution of family.  We are not alone. 

Why don't we just start with a little bit of forgiveness, turn the channel on TV and radio, put down the newspaper or magazine, and start listening to each other.  I have found that using my ears is a much better tool for dialog than the words I speak.   When I hear some of the dialog between citizens and our elected officials on C-Span  and then see snippets of that on the evening news with their interpretation, I scratch my head because the content and  context seem completely different than what I perceived.  If it is not 100% true in their perception then it must be a lie, or if it is 40% correct by their bias then it must be a true fact. 

The attitude of "If you don't support me unequivocally, then you are the enemy".  is pervasive throughout the debates and in politics.  I love differing opinions, and, agreement.  We  don't have to have an identical belief structure or opinion to value each others point of view.   If we agree great! If we do not share the same opinion I will still shake your hand, buy you a drink and have meaningful conversation.  So here goes..... I'll end this the way I started.   Lets take the advertising money out of the election process.  I want to see debates and listen to the candidates and make up my own mind, debate with my friends and neighbors.  Take the Billions of Dollars and contribute it to a campaign against drug overdose, for the homeless, or practice a random act of kindness to anyone you want.  I'm not contributing a dime to any campaign for any media advertising but I will show up if you come around a want to talk to me and my neighbors.  I will listen to you and make up my own mind.   

The Presidential elections are a year away.