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The Fractured Wrist Report.

The Fractured Wrist Report.

September 26, 2023

This weeks blog may be a little shorter than Previous blogs as I am learning to type with 1&1/2  hand.  I have always known I am not immortal but recently learned that I am very breakable.  Riding my Bike and while trying to turn around, a mailbox suddenly appeared in front of me.  We both went down.  I got up.  The mailbox did not.  I seemed ok but my left shoulder was achy and my right wrist hurt.  I know I was OK.  Had my helmet on, didn't bang my head hard.  Told the neighbor I was sorry about their mailbox and that I would come back and get it fixed.  The 4" wooden post was broken off at the ground level.  I walked my bike home, about a block, and put it in the garage. Then put the battery and the rear view camera on their chargers.  I sat down in the living room and was starting to feel really sore.  Called my wife and said we may need to go to the Urgent care when she got home.  To the Urgent care we go.  End result.  Fractured a tiny bone in my right wrist and Sprained, pulled my left shoulder.  Tomorrow the cast will come off, just in time to go on vacation, and my shoulder is becoming more mobile.   I had to promise not to ride my bike again until we came back from our Cruise.

In keeping in touch with the market is seems as if our current downward swing is coming late, rather than never. The current correction is not unexpected or as troublesome as the longer term political outlook.  Strikes are going on, the southern border is in a crisis.  The illegal drug trade is a national emergency.  More of our citizens and children are dying from drug overdoses. The illegal Fentanyl importation, abuse, and deaths,  has become a national emergency. But... The media focuses on casual  dress allowed in the halls of our government. 

Putting things into perspective,  time will be marching on.  I will still go on vacation and when I get back we will address whatever issue I want, or if you send me a topic, give you my input.     Be safe,  Wear your helmet,  

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