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To impeach, or not to impeach?

To impeach, or not to impeach?

January 24, 2020

So much press is being dedicated to the Impeachment trial of the President.  I have been watching the trial with interest and a sense of duty to be informed.  The House voted to impeach the President and has made great fanfare from delivering the articles of impeachment and the presentation of the articles of impeachment.  It will take another day or so to begin listening to the presentation of the defense.  I am watching the trial on C-Span so I can hear the presentations without any influence on my opinion by outside services or the media.  Much of the attitude and presentation of the case so far for impeachment seems to be a battle over the future of our entire Republic.  The speakers have been eloquent, prepared, and forceful.  At the core it seems to be a power struggle of the House of Representatives and the power of the Presidency.  There is no room for compromise unless that compromise encompasses complete capitulation to the power of the president being solely at the discretion of the House of representative's. 

  There is much clamoring and claim for witnesses and documents.  That the American people want to hear the whole truth.  They want all the facts.  Why is it that I feel I am being told what is a relevant fact and the actual truth without believing I can determine that for myself.  I had teenagers.... That means as a parent I at times, had someone standing before me and professing what was their version of the truth and expressing great indignation that it did not pass my parental sniff test as being the truth .  That I looked at facts from my jaded parental viewpoint and not their perception of the facts as I should view them if I were being a fair and trusting parent. 

  If you are a "Never Trumper" or a "MAGA Trumper" you may be expressing and shouting your opinion and perception at every opportunity.  I am a "silent Majority".  I vote for who I believe will do the best for my family, my job, my neighborhood, my city, my state, my country, and my beliefs.  I  don't demonstrate or go to rally's.  I am too busy just working and living a good life, setting an example for my children and grandchildren.  Pursuing my American Dream in as honest, ethical, and compassionate way as I can.  I donate to charities, I practice random acts of kindness.  and I vote.... every election, every year, every time.  You don't have to agree with me.  I will respect and honor your choices also. 

  Back to the Question.  "To Impeach or Not to Impeach?"    If I say to impeach am I ignoring the Presidents right to a fair trial?  If I say not to Impeach am I ignoring the facts?  Do we remove the President from Office and render him ineligible to be elected to a second term?  ..Thus altering the will of the people.  Is this a power grab by the House of representatives and the national media to influence and orchestrate the results of elections and also take over the majority of the US Senate?, or are they all being manipulated by a foreign influence?  All drama and intriguing  for our 24 hour news cycle.  In the mean time I will get up and go to work,  I will do the best I can to be a good and honorable person.  I will try to be a positive influence for my family and community.   I will remain Silent, but remember.  I will vote.



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