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What we need is Leadership

What we need is Leadership

September 13, 2023

Hello again,

   Today I want to talk about some Ideas on ways to address some of the issues that we are all concerned about.  The first idea is to find and follow people with genuine leadership qualities.  I have been raised, worked with and been motivated by some blessed individuals who truly inspired me to be a better person. 

  Examples from my Family: My Father, Grandfather and Grandmother. They are who encouraged me into who I am today.  My Father was a leader and inspiration to the entire family.  They who knew, loved, and respected  him.  My Grandfather, a WWI Purple Heart Veteran was the family example of Honesty, Hard Work, and Service to others.  My Grandmother was the Glue that held the whole together.  Side by side, they led the family by example, with love, inspiration, and accountability.  The rest of my family from my brothers and sister to my nieces and nephews, and my own children and grandchildren. They are all an inspiration.

Other people in my life, Violet Chokreff, Phil Mortimer, Philita Carney, Bob Benmosche, Joe Jordan, Judy Friedman, Lucille Alexander, Mary Jane Heitzmann. All people who along with many others, inspired me to be a better version of myself.

The point is... We need leadership... right now.  Not finger pointing, accusing, blaming, and manipulating.  Genuine leadership.  Another Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln, Franklin Roosevelt, JFK, MLK, Gandhi, Margaret Thatcher, Ronald Reagan.  Historically and throughout our lifetimes there have been and will be many inspirational persons and people who bring out the greater good in others.  I believe that there is others out there who can fulfil the void we are currently experiencing.  Some people provide inspiration,  some Leadership, some motivation.  I believe there are some who can provide it all.  Where are they? Who is it?  How do we find them? 

   I believe the person or persons will appear. Will step forward and have the qualities to guide our Nation.  

Jocko Willink outlined some qualities of leadership that I believe are pretty accurate characteristics of a leader.

1. Listen

2. Build Strong Relationships

3. Practice Discipline

4. Strike a Balance

5. Take Ownership

We are in some tumultuous times.  I pray that people start recognizing those qualities in those that can provide that leadership along with Integrity, trust, and truth. 

I am sure they will step forward soon.

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